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Wolfgang Von Malottke Wolfgang von Malottke
Hi, my name is Wolfgang von Malottke. I am born in Orebro Sweden 1962. I love fly-fishing and dressing Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies.

It all started in 1985 when I was fishing with spinning rod on the River Dalälven in Sweden. A gentlemen showed me his fly box full of hair winged salmon flies and I was hooked. I was impressed with their beauty and all the different colored flies he had tied and was fishing with. A year later I was right in the middle of it, fishing for salmon with a fly, and tying my own classics.

At first I used a vice, with very poor results, so I decided to try tying without one. Today, tying without a vice works best for me. I don't know why, but I feel freer when I can turn the fly around with no vice in my way. There is also no thread holder or bobbin to work around or to get in my way.

I have always strived for perfection and I also try to give all the flies I tie an antique look. I'm not much for the "new" style with false hackles, non-tapered bodies and micro heads. I prefer the dressings of Kelson, Hardy and Hale rather than the dressings of Pryce-Tannatt, which I feel are not true to the originals dressings.


Wolfgang von Malottke

Editors Note: Wolfgang plies his trade from Sweden and has his own Classic Salmon Fly web page and it is a must see. Check out his site at www.classicflies.net. When you are there you must goto the For Sale section and go to the very bottom and check out the frammed flies Wolfgang has for sale. Wolfgang has a large collection of 40 of the most famouse flies ever dressed. They include the Jock Scott, the Popham, the Childers, the Silver Wilkinson, the Blue Doctor, the Durham Ranger, the Green Highlander, the Yellow Torrish, the Silver Ardea, and much more. Wolfgang dressed all by hand without the use of a vice in sizes from 6 up to 10/0. Oh if I only had the money! Check it out.

If you are interested in purchasing either the flies Wolfgang ties or the Henrik Strandgaard hooks please contact Wolfgang at classicflies@telia.com. Thanks Wolfgang.

Wolfgang von Malottke's Showcase Flies
Updated July 2010

June 2006
Baron tied by Wolfgang von Malottke
Bed of Roses
June 2006
Bed of Roses tied by Wolfgang von Malottke
Black & Gold
June 2006
Black & Gold tied by Wolfgang von Malottke
Blue Baron
June 2006
The Blue Baron tied by Wolfgang von Malottke

Captain Poynder
July 2008

Captain Poynder tied by Wolfgang von Malottke
September 2006
Childers tied by Wolfgang von Malottke
July 2008
Dewdrop tied by Wolfgang von Malottke
Goldie Hawn
July 2008
Goldie Hawn tied by Wolfgang von Malottke

Green Highlander
July 2010

Green Highlander tied by Wolfgang von Malottke

Jock Scott
January 2011

Jock Scott tied by Wolfgang von Malottke

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