Donald WilliamsWhole-Feather-Winged Salmon Flies

This page is devoted to the hole-Feather-Wing style of salmon flies. Many of the older salmon flies were tied in this style. Long before the Married-Wing style of salmon flies had made their first appearance on the rivers of England the Whole-Wing salmon fly had been catching salmon just fine. Tiers such as Edward Fitzgibbon and Francis Francis designed many flies' using this style of wing.

Today tiers such as Ronn Lucas, Sr. and Kim Rasmussen are taking this style of salmon fly to a whole new level in sophistication and beauty. Below you will find just a sampling of that this style of salmon fly has to offer.

Amazonia - David Mangum
Amherst & Teal - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Aqua Regia - Tim Trexler
Aurora Borealis - Jacques Heroux
Avion - David Mangum
Baron - Milton Knapp
Black Argus - Daniel Bolduc
Black Argus - David Mangum
Black Argus - Jens Pilgaard
Black Argus - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Black Argus - Kim Rasmussen
Black Argus Variation - David Mangum
Black Gold-Texas Crude - Don Williams
Blowdart - David Mangum
Blue Boyne Variation - David Mangum
Blue McDonnell - steve_munn
Blue Streak - Anthony Smith
Bonnie Lass - Tim Trexler
Bucaneer - Milton Knapp
Celebrated Claret Fly - Nick Kingston
Chatterer - Dave White
Chatterer - Michael D. Johnson
"Muzzy" Muzeroll - ballycastle
Chatterer - David Mangum
Chatterer - Paul Webb
Chatterer Variation - David Mangum
Clansman - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Comet 2 - Jed Khalid
Dawn - David Mangum
Double Leopard - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Dream Weaver - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Duchess - Anthony Smith
Duke of Edinburgh - Monte Smith
Durham Ranger - Brian Ebert
Durham Ranger - Jerome Molloy
Durham Ranger - Monte Smith
Durham Ranger - Tim Trexler
Durham Ranger - Paul Webb
Durham Ranger - Don Williams
Durham Ranger - Matt Crompton
Ed's Fly - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Emerald Spear - David Mangum
Evangeline - Daniel Bolduc
Evangeline Variation - David Mangum
Evening Star - Daniel Bolduc
Evening Star - Don Williams
Evening Star - Monte Smith
Excelcior - David Mangum
Eye's of GP - Sacha Putz
Fakfak Sunset - Kim Rasmussen
Firecock - David Mangum
Flutterby - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Fontaine - Jacques Heroux
Fruit of the Vine - Milton Knapp
Ghillie - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Gitana - Daniel Bolduc
Gitana - David Mangum
Gitana - Jens Pilgaard
Golden Grace - Kim Rasmussen
Goldfinger - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Green Amherst - Monte Smith
Green Satyr - Ed Wolfer
Humble Bumble - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Idaho Blue 1 - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Imposter - Brian Ebert
Irish Ranger - Steve Munn
Jay PT - Marc Leblanc
Jeanettes Polly - Tim Trexler
Jungle Don - Fabrizio Gajardoni
Jungle Don - Dave White
Jungle Don - Don Williams
Jungle Don - Kim Rasumssen
Lady Amherst - Jacques Heroux
Lady Amherst - Monte Smith
Lady Amherst - Paul Webb
Lady Amherst - Don Williams
Lady Impay - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Lady Joan - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Lang Syne - Daniel Bolduc
Leif - Matt Crompton
Lochness - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Mangrove Magic - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Marilyns Fancy - Tim Trexler
Mearns Fly - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Moonflower - Anthony Smith
Mozambique - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Nelly Bly - Daniel Bolduc
Nepenthian - Daniel Bolduc
New Millennium - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Orange Parson - Jacques Heroux
Orange Parson - Matt Crompton
Orange Shannon - Matt Crompton
P. Rossman Wanabe - Jed Khalid
The P3 - Monte Smith
Painted Snowcock - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Papuan Prince - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Patriot - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Patriot 3 - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Papaun Prince - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Peacock Prince - Jed Khalid
Perfect Storm - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Piccadilly - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Precursor - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Quinchat - David Mangum
Rain Forest Gem - Ed Wolfer
Red Coat - Milton Knapp
Red Eye's Black Dragon - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Redwing - Matt Crompton
Rio Grande Tom - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Rising Tide - Monte Smith
Royal Macaw - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Shannon - Anthony Smith
Spot On - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Shannon Variation - David Mangum
Snowball - Kim Rasmussen
Southern Cross - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
SP - Nick Kingston
Splendor's of Paradise - David Mangum
Spot On - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Summer Storm - Monte Smith
Sunrise - Tim trexler
Swan - Michel Lajoie
Tequiula Sunrise - Milton Knapp
Tippetiwitchet - Jed Khalid
Tropics - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Three Eye Monster - Fabrizio Gajardoni
Tupelo Honey - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Tropical Lagoon - Milton Knapp
Tropics - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Unnamed - Brian Ebert
Untitled 3 - Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Untitled 5 - Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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