The Designer Pen/Custom Decal The Designer Pen/Custom Decal

Introducing Custom Made Pens and Pencils
Created by Don & Norman Williams

Hi, my name is Don Williams. I am the owner of The Classic Salmon Fly web site and have been for over 10 years. Recently my father and I began turning hand made pens and pencils on a small lathe in my garage.

All of our handmade pens and pencils are hand turned one at a time to assure the finest quality of writing instrument possible. We make custom pens and pencils out of exotic woods, acrylics, plastics and just about anything that can be turned on a lathe. The one pictured to the left and the right is a Designer Series pen turned with a pure white acrylic blank. The decals on the pen are all hand placed. The pen finished with a coat of CA glue for hardness and Linseed Oil to give it a bright shine.

All pricing is based on the cost of materials that go into the Pen or Pencil; the blank and the hardware. If you're interested in purchasing one of our hand turned Pens or Pincels please contact us at We look forward turning a custom made pen or pencil just for you.

To view the wide selection of pens and pencils please click on the links below.

The Slimline Pen/Bethlehem Olive Wood
The Trimline Pen/Cocobolo
The Designer Pen/Cocobolo
The Comfort Pen/Bethlehem Olive Wood
Big Ben Cigar
The Big Ben Cigar Pen/Bethlehem Olive Wood

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