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Pat Tyler The Fly Art of Pat Tyler
Hi, my name is Patsy Tyler. I was born and raised in Texas and currently live in Burleson, Texas with my husband James, 3 Lhasa Apsos, and an adopted Umbrella cockatoo. My Daddy was an avid fisherman and I spent many a weekend with him on Lake Whitney in Texas while he fished for crappy. Even as a child, lures and flies caught my interest. I have also had a life long love of art and painting and I began taking art lessons in 1976 and since that time, art has been and is my passion.

While searching the internet for photos one day, I came across a picture of the fly, “Heart of Liberty”, tied by Daniel Bolduc of Canada. That photo led me to “The Classics” and Don Williams. He put me in touch with the tiers and I wrote emails asking for permission to do paintings of some of the flies from the photos on the site. The tiers I have met through emails have all been such wonderful people and have given me permission to use their photos in my work. The endless array of color and style in the flies inspire me to paint them and try to preserve their beauty in my art.

I currently have paintings of the flies in Canada, California, and Italy. My interest in the flies has also led me to collect them and I am proud to say I now own flies tied by Daniel Bolduc, Fabrizio Gajardoni and Don Williams. My sincerest thanks to all those who have given me permission to paint their work and to Mr. Don Williams for his support and promotion of my work.

May God Bless
Pat Tyler

Editors Note: Pat's Fly paintings and many other paintings can be seen on her web site, www.thewhizbear.com/. When you're there you must check out all her paintings from stills to amimals. You can also commission Pat to paint just about anything you want. You can contact her at patsy@thewhizbear.com. Thanks Pat and welcome to "The Classic Salmon Fly".

The Fly Art of Pat Tyler

Evening Star
Original Fly Tied By
Don Williams

The Evening Star Painted by Pat Tyler

Matilde's Sunrise
Original Fly Tied By
Fabrizio Gajardoni

The Matilde's Sunrise Painted by Pat Tyler

Heart of Liberty
Original Fly Tied By
Daniel Bolduc

The Heart of Liberty Painted by Pat Tyler

Petite Cascapedia
Original Fly Tied by
Daniel Bolduc

The Petite Cascapedia Painted by Pat Tyler

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