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This page is devoted to the Married-Wing style of salmon flies. These are the flies most associated with Classic Salmon flies. Flies such as the Bull Dog by Sir Herbert Maxwell, the Gordon by Cosmo Gordon and the Green Highlander by Dr. T.E. Pryce-Tannatt are spome of the best known examples of this style of tying.

Many of today's tiers began by tying classic salmon flies with married-wings. Some of the best examples of this style of tying can be found tied by today's master tiers such as Marvin Nolte and Wolfgang von Malottke. Below you will find just a sampling of what this style of salmon fly has to offer.

Alice - Sacha Pütz
American Eagle - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Artic Night - Jacques Heroux
Attorney - Jacques Heroux
Aube Lumiere - Daniel Bolduc
Baron - Daniel Bolduc
Baron - Joe Gablick
Baron - Michael D. Johnson
Baron - Wolfgang von Malottke
Baron - Jerome Molloy
Beautiful Pleasure - Marc Leblanc
Bebe Rose - Jean Paul Dessaigne
Bed of Roses - Wolfgang von Malottke
Benchill - Daniel Bolduc
Benchill - Monte Smith
Beresfords Fancy - Brian Ebert
Black & Blue Cockatoo - David Mangum
Black & Gold - Brian Van Erem
Black & Gold - Joe Gablick
Black & Gold - Jacques Heroux
Black & Gold - Tim Trexler
Black & Gold - Wolfgang von Malottke
Black Doctor - Ally Gowans
Black Doctor - Michel Lajoie
Black Doctor - Tim Trexler
Black Dog - Dave White
Black Dog - Fabrizio Gajardoni
Black Dog - Jens Pilgaard
Black Dog - Matt Crompton
Black Dog - Monte Smith
Black Goldfinch - Daniel Bolduc
Blue Angle - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Blue Baron - Wolfgang von Malottke
Blue Doctor - Jacques Heroux
Blue Doctor - Paul Webb
Blue Doctor - Tim Trexler
Blue Fin - Jed Khalid
Blue Palmer - Daniel Bolduc
Blue Palmer - Monte Smith
Bluestreak - Joe Gablick
Cabaret - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Canada Jay - Daniel Bolduc
Captain Poynder - Wolfgang von Malottke
Carman - Brian Van Erem
Childers - Anthony Smith
Childers - Wolfgang von Malottke
Childers - Fabrizio Gajardoni
Colors of Water - Tim Trexler
Cult II - Sacha Pütz
Dawn - Sacha Pütz
Dewdrop - Wolfgang von Malottke
Diavolo - Sacha Pütz
Double Trouble - ed_wolfer
Dusty Miller - ally_gowans
Dusty Miller - michel_lajoie
Dusty Miller - Paul Webb
E Colitexte - Jacques Heroux
Epinette Norie "Black Spruce" - Jacques Heroux
Fenian - Daniel Bolduc
Fiery Brown - Daniel Bolduc
Floodtide - Monte Smith
For You - Sacha Pütz
Fra Diavlo - Nick_kingston
Fugl & Fjer Logo - Jens Pilgaard
Gardener - brian_ebert
Goldfinch - Daniel Bolduc
Golden Olive - Daniel Bolduc
Goldie Hawn - Wolfgang von Malottke
Gordon - Jacques Heroux
Gordon - Jerome Molloy
Gordon - Tim Trexler
Green Highlander - Daniel Bolduc
Green Highlander - Jacques Heroux
Green Highlander - Wolfgang von Malottke
Green Highlander - Jerome Molloy
Green Highlander - Monte Smith
Green Highlander - Paul Webb
Green Highlander - Dave White
Green Highlander - Jean Paul Dessaigne
Green Highlander - Marc Leblanc
Green Highlander - Nick Kingston
Green Highlander - Sacha Pütz
Grouse & Green - Daniel Bolduc
Grouse & Orange - Daniel Bolduc
Half Grey & Brown - Daniel Bolduc
Half Yellow & Black - Daniel Bolduc
Heart of Liberty - Daniel Bolduc
Hot Argus Nights - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Impression - Sacha Pütz
Irish Prince - Steve Munn
Jock Scott - Fabrizio Gajardoni
Jock Scott - Jerome Molloy
Jock Scott - Daniel Bolduc
Jock Scott - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Jock Scott - Paul Webb
Jock Scott - Dave White
Jock Scott - Ally Gowans
Jock Scott - Brian Ebert
Jock Scott - Monte Smith
Jock Scott - Woflgang von Malottke
Kate - Steve Munn
Killarney Gem - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
La Cavaliere - Jean Paul Dessaigne
La Gitana - Jean Paul Dessaigne
La Maltaise - Jean Paul Dessaigne
La Royale - Jean Paul Dessaigne
La Strangan - Jean Paul Dessaigne
La Vesuve - Jean Paul Dessaigne
Lady Rosalynn - Daniel Bolduc
Lemon & Grey - Daniel Bolduc
Limelight - Joe Gablick
Logie - Brian Ebert
Lord Antrim - Steve Munn
Lord Migdale - Marc Leblanc
Magh Agreadh Ros - Brian Van Erem
Maine Game Warden - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Maine Mosquito - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Maine State Trooper - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Manchester Swell - Brian Ebert
Manureva - Jean Paul Dessaigne
McIntyre - Wolfgang von Malottke
McIntyre - Dave White
McIntyre - Marc Leblanc
Meteor's Rite - Joe Gablick
Millenaire Spectrale - Daniel Bolduc
Moulon Rouge - Tim Trexler
Mrs. Merrie Green - Daniel Bolduc
Murdoch - Matt Crompton
Namsen - Brian Ebert
Nebula - Joe Gablick
Nicholson - Brian Ebert
Northern Lights - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Orange & Grey - Daniel Bolduc
Parson - Don Williams
Petale Dor - Jean Paul Dessaigne
Petite Cascapedia - Daniel Bolduc
Pittoresque Matapedia - Daniel Bolduc
Ponsonby - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Popham - Fabrizio Gajardoni
Popham - Dave White
Popham - Jens Pilgaard
Popham - Michel Lajoie
Popham - Wolfgang von Malottke
Princess Diana - Daniel Bolduc
Purple Rain - Joe Gablick
Ray Mead - Dave White
Red Autumn - Steve Munn
Red Spirit - Anthony Smith
Redford - Daniel Bolduc
Remembrance - Monte Smith
Rock Island - Monte Smith
Rosy Dawn - Daniel Bolduc
Rosy Dawn - Jerome Molloy
Rosy Dawn - Don Williams
Salscraggie - Daniel Bolduc
September Mourn - Joe Gablick
Sherbrook - Brian Ebert
Sherbrook - Jacques Heroux
Silver Ardea - Wolfgang von malottke
Silver Doctor - Jerome Molloy
Silver Doctor - Tim Trexler
Silver Doctor - Ally Gowans
Silver Doctor - Joe Gablick
Silver Doctor - Michel Lajoie
Silver Grey - Brian Ebert
Sir Conrad - Don Williams
Sir Conrad - Marc Leblanc
Sir Hebert - Ed Wolfer
Skykomish Dark - Marc Leblanc
Sophie - Monte Smith
Spade Guinea - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Strange Love - Sacha Pütz
Thunder & Lightning - Daniel Bolduc
Thunder & Lightning - Ally Gowans
Torrish - Brian Van Erem
Torrish - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Tropical Delight - Jed Khalid
Unnamed 1 - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Unnamed 2 - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Unnamed 3 - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Unnamed 4 - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Unnamed 5 - "Muzzy" Muzeroll
Water Witch - Tim Trexler
West Country Lady - Paul Webb
White Doctor - Jacques Heroux
Wilkinson - Brian Ebert
Wonder - David mangum
Wonder - Ed Wolfer
Wonder - Anthony Smith

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