Below you will find many interesting links to many things related to the outdoors. Each site is unique and all are fun to visit and prarticipate in. Please check them out and remember to visit them often.

Don Williams
The Classic Salmon Fly

Brian Ebert - Master Tier
Check out Brians selection of classic salmon flies.

Bryant Freeman -
Check out the many resources that can be found on Bryant's site.

Montana Fly Fishing Trips
Fly fishing trips and guide services in Montana.

Loren Williams - Flies and Guide Service
Loren guides for salmon, trout, and steelhead using traditional fly-fishing techniques on New York's Salmon River.

Colorado Fly Fishing
Fly fishing trips and guide services in Colorado.

Fishing Links and Resource Directory is the result of many discussions with Canandian Anglers, regarding the availability of quality online FlyAngling and Fly Fishing related content.

Pictures of Fish
Anglers post their fishing pictures and rate other fish photos. Over 3288 Aquatic Insect Pictures for Trout Fly Fishing Fanatics
See over 3288 close-up photos of mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies and other trout stream invertebrates. Learn how to identify insects and how to match their hatches.

Atlantic Salmon Flies tied by Maxwell MacPherson, Jr.

World Wide Fishing Flies
The highest quality hand-tied fly patterns, made in Cumbria, the home of the English Lake District.

Joe Gablick - The Contented Angler
Joe and his wife Amy have a great web site, check it out.

Fabrizio Gajardoni - Collectable Flies
Please visit Fabrizio's web page at Collectable Flies and view more of his wonderful work.

Trout and Salmon Fishing
Information on trout, salmon and sea trout fishing in Scotland featuring maps, tackle, tactics, flies, articles, knots, books and recipes.

Alaska Fishing Pro
Your #1 Site for Alaska Fishing - Alaska Fishing articles and resources.

The Fly Fishing Vacation Guide
The #1 Site for Fly Fishing Vacations - Fly Fishing Vacations articles and resources.

If you're into wild trout then you have to Fly-Fishing-wyoming.

Alastair Gowans - Let's Flyfish
Alastair Gowans - Fyfish Scotland
Alastair Gowans - Anglingin Tayside
Please Visit all of Ally's Popular Sites above.

Jacques Heroux - Collectable Salmon Flies
Please visit Jacques web page where you can view more of his wonderful work.

Michael D. Johnson - Master Tier
The name of Michael's web site is the Traditional Fly, check it out.

Michel Lajoie - Le Moucheux
Please visit Michel's web site Le Moucheux for more of Michel's work.
A great resourse for everything related to fishing.

Ronn Lucas, Sr. - Finest Hand Made Hooks Made With Traditional Methods.
Ronn has a Great site and it will get better as time goes on.

Ronn Lucas, Sr. - Tying materials
Check out Ronn's great series on tying at Fly Anglers Online.

Wolfgang von Malottke - Classic Salmonflies
Check out Wolfgang's site. There you can view his and many other tiers flies.

Capt. David Mangum - Master Tier & Guide
Visit with Captain Mangum at Blue Bay Outfitters and charter a trip with him soon.

Jerome Molloy - Atlantic Salmon
Featherwing and Hairwing flies made to order can be purchased at Jerome's web site.

Steve Munn - Angling Classics
Check out Steves web site where they sell fishing tackle & fishing holidays in Ireland.

Jens Pilgaard - Bird & Feather Flytying
If you are looking for exotic material to tie your flies with check out Jen's site.

Kim Rasmussen - Salmon Fly Aps
Kim owns and runs the shop Salmon Fly Aps in Copenhagen, Denmark. Check it out.

Paul Webb - The Webb Page
Paul has an outstanding web page cleverlly called "The Webb page" where you can view many more of his superbly tied salmon flies.
Fly Fishing Equipment and Discount Flyfishing Tackle.

RGSaga Exports Pvt Ldt
RG SAGA Exports has produced quality flies, fly tying tools & materials for last 27 years.

The Fish Finder
World's First and Largest Fishing Search Engine.

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"The Classic Salmon Fly"

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