The Lady Amherst

It is not know who or when the Lady Amherst was first brought upon the salmon fishing seen. One thought is that it was designed in Canada because most of the fly's history can be associated with Canada. The Lady Amherst is responsible for many records and can be considered one of the youngest of the true Classics. Today it is mostly tied for exhibition but can still be seen on the rivers of the North East.

Below you will find a few Lady Amherst's tied by Showcase tiers here on The Classics. If you wish to view all the flies by the tiers below just click on their name and you can go directly to their Showcase page.

Tied by Don Williams
The Lady Amherst tied by Don Williams

Tied by Jacques Heroux
The Lady Amherst tied by Jerome Jacques Heroux

Tied by Monte Smith
The Lady Amherst tied by Monte Smith

Tied by Paul Webb
The Lady Amherst tied by Paul Webb

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