Designed by Joe Gablick
Dressed by Joe Gablick
United States

Hook:    Partridge Bartleet # 1.
Tag:    Oval silver tinsel and yellow green floss.
Tail:    Golden pheasant crest and indian crow substitute.
Butt:    Black ostrich herl.
Body:    Embossed silver tinsel.
Rib:    Green floss and oval silver tinsel.
Throat:    Green hackle with guinea over.
Wing:    Lt green, dk. green, white and yellow goose shoulders with teal roof and 2 golden pheasant crests for a topping.
Sides:    Black and white barred woodduck.
Cheeks:    Yellow green guinea.
Head:    Black.
Joe and his wife Amy have a great web site called The Contented Angler.

Joe Gablick, "The Contented Angler" has a fantastic web page devoted to the Classic Salmon fly as well as other items of interest. Joe's site is another must see site.

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