Jed Khalid Memorial Page

On February 26th Jed Khalid, one of the first tiers on The Classic Salmon Fly passed away. It is ironic but after reviewing my archive of pictures submitted by tiers I chose to update Jed's Showcase Page on the 28th of February not knowing that he was gone. When I heard the news it was quite a blow.

I never got the chance to meet or even talk to Jed but as I state on the bottom of the Classic Salmon Fly's Hpme Page, "I consider all people who love to tie the Classic Salmon Fly friends I just haven't had the chance to meet yet."

I have received a few pictures of Jed enjoying the sport he loved and I would like to share them with all of you. Please visit Jed's Showcase Page to see what a great Classic Salmon Fly tier we have lost. From all of us here on the Classic Salmon Fly, God's speed Jed, you will be missed.

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