Below is a list of some of the Classic Salmon Fly tiers Showcased here on "The Classic Salmon Fly". Please feel free to contact any of them with questions you might have regarding their flies of any of the services they might have to offer. All are more than willing to help the new tier understand the ins and outs of tying Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies. Some, not all, sell their flies or other items related to tying Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies. They are a great bunch of people and through their generosity this site was made possible.

Don Williams
The Classics

Brian Ebert - Master Tier
Fabrizio Gajardoni - Collectable Flies
Joe Gablick - The Contented Angler
Alastair Gowans - Let's Flyfish
Jacques Heroux - Collectable Salmon Flies
Michael D. Johnson - Master Tier
Michel Lajoie - Le Moucheux
Ronn Lucas, Sr. - Tying materials
Wolfgang von Malottke - Classic Salmonflies
Capt. David Mangum - Master Tier & Guide
Jerome Molloy - Atlantic Salmon
Steve Munn - Angling Classics
Edward Muzeroll - Innovative Fly Tier
Jens Pilgaard - Bird & Feather Flytying
Sacha Pütz - Master Tier
Kim Rasmussen - Salmon Fly Aps
Monte Smith - Master Tier
Tim Trexler - Salmon Fly Art & Gifts
Paul Webb - The Webb Page
Dave White - Salmon Fly Supply
Don Williams - The Classics Web Master

This site is the sole property of The Classic salmon Fly.

"The Classic Salmon Fly"

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