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Doug Gualtieri Doug Gualtieri
Hello, my name is Doug Gualtieri I live in a small Alaskan town of about 1000 people. Unlike most of the contributors to this site, I have only been tying flies for about six years, and dressing classic Atlantic flies for only two of those. When I first began tying flies for trout and Pacific salmon I saw these classic patterns in, Fly-tying Techniques & Patterns, from The Complete Fly Fisherman series. Thinking there’s no way I’d ever be able to tie a fly that complex, intricate and beautiful I turned my attention towards patterns I could handle. Then I got a glance at a friends issue of, The Art of Angling. I was more than intrigued to say the least. My friend had a stash of some basic materials and hooks from his exploration into this world that he was willing to part with. That was the beginning of the end for me.

Needless to say those first attempts were anything but classics, and lacking the elegance and style these flies are famous for. There’s a certain strange dichotomy or irony in this next portion of my tale. While surfing the internet for any and all help regarding techniques, recipe, and materials to tie these flies that date back nearly 200 years. I stumbled across what would turn out to be my "saving grace" in regards to continuing my pursuit of these classics. That would be the web page of Bryant Freeman, lifelong devotee to the pursuit of Atlantic Salmon, and the dressing of the flies. Bryant provided insight and support that to this day I will never forget. Even now as I tie these flies I here his emphasis of, "Keep the wing low, these flies are to be fished. They have to swim." Well I try my best to heed that advise, but sometimes those underwings just give me a hard time. So were it not for the modern tecnology available I may have never known the joy of tying these flies.

I still primarily tie patterns for Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling and all five species of Pacific salmon in our local streams. But on those long winter nights up here in Alaska whiling away the hours over a Jock Scott or Mar Lodge is the most rewarding part of tying for me. I hope that my skills improve with time and that someday I can travel to New Brunswick to wet my line and get a feel for "The King of Sport fish". Although we do have Chinook (King) salmon here, and one of those 40 pound brutes on my 9 weight has to come close.

I can be reached by email at falco70@mtaonline.net if you have any questions or just want to chat salmon flies.


Doug Gualtieri

Doug Gualtieri's Showcase Flies
Updated January 2008

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Avon Eagle
January 2008
The Avon Eagle tied by Doug Gualtieri

September 2007
The Benchill tied by Doug Gualtieri

Black Dog
January 2008
The Black Dog tied by Doug Gualtieri

September 2007
The Childers tied by Doug Gualtieri

Dusty Miller
January 2008
The Dusty Miller tied by Doug Gualtieri

January 2008
The Fenian tied by Doug Gualtieri

Jock Scott
September 2007
The Jock Scott tied by Doug Gualtieri

September 2007
The Kate tied by Doug Gualtieri

Mar Lodge
September 2007
The Mar Lodge tied by Doug Gualtieri

September 2007
The Phasianid tied by Doug Gualtieri

September 2007
The Popham tied by Doug Gualtieri

Thunder & Lightning
September 2007
The Thunder and Lightning tied by Doug Gualtieri

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