Donald WilliamsStrip-Wing, Dee and Spey Salmon Flies

This page is devoted to the Strip-Wing, Dee and Spey style of salmon flies. These are the flies associated most closely with Steelhead flies.

The word Dee comes from England where many of the famous rivers such as the Kirkcudbrightshire Dee and the Aberdeenshire Dee saw this style of salmon fly become famous for its catches of Atlantic salmon in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Flies such as the Dunt by George M. Kelson, the Francis Favorite by Francis Francis and the Tartan by Sir Herbet Maxwell are some of the best known examples of this these styles of tying.

Today these styles of flies are almost the sole domain of the Steelhead fly tier but its origins are purely salmon in nature. Today Bob Veverka carries on this tradition of tying. Some of his work can be found in Michael Radencich's book "Tying the Classic Salmon Fly". Below you will find just a sampling of what this style of salmon fly has to offer.

Akroyds - Monte Smith
Akroyds, White Winged - Brian Van Erem
Beauly Snow Fly - Nick Kingston
Cockatoo - Matt Crompton
Cockatoo Variation - Matt Crompton
Cult - Sacha Putz
Dee Special - Jens Pilgaard
Dunt - Alastair Gowans
Ghost - Michael D. Johnson
Glen Grant - Michael D. Johnson
Glen Grant - Jens Pilgaard
Glen Grant - Monte Smith
Green King - Daniel Bolduc
Kelson Dee - Matt Crompton
Silver & Red - Matt Crompton
South Sea Sunset - Michael D. Johnson
Unnamed Strip Wing - Don Williams

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