The Chatterer

The Chatterer is one of the many creative patterns designed by Major Traherne in the mid-19th century. Like the Black Argus, the Chatterer is a whole wing pattern or as some like to call it a Topping wing pattern. The Chatterer was written about by such writers as Kelson, Hardy and Hale. Many of Major Traherne's flies made good use of leftover feathers from bird skins after the feathers used for the more traditional married wing patterns had been removed. Major Traherne let nothing go to waste.

Below you will find a few Chatterer's tied by Showcase tiers here on The Classics. If you wish to view all the flies by the tiers below just click on their name and you can go directly to their Showcase page.

Tied by Dave White
The Chatterer tied by Dave White

Tied by David Mangum
The Chatterer tied by David Mangum

Tied by Michael Johnson
The Chatterer tied by Michael Johnson

Tied by Paul Webb
The Chatterer tied by Paul Webb

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