The Blue Doctor

The Blue Doctor is a married wing pattern designed by Mr. James Wright around 1830. The Blue Doctor is probably one of the oldest of flies in the Doctor series. The pattern was first written about in Francis Francis' book "A Book on Angling" in 1867. Unlike the Silver Doctor and the Helmsdale Doctor, which have tinsel bodies, the Blue Doctor used floss for its body was ribbed with wide flat tinsel. Later on Kelson, Hardy and Hale all wrote about the Blue Doctor but their versions differ greatly from the original version written about in Francis Francis' book.

Below you will find a few Blue Doctor's tied by Showcase tiers here on The Classics. If you wish to view all the flies by the tiers below just click on their name and you can go directly to their Showcase page.

Tied by Jacques Heroux
The Blue Doctor tied by Jacques Heroux

Tied by Tim Trexler
The Blue Doctor tied by Tim Trexler

Tied by Paul Webb
The Blue Doctor tied by Paul Webb

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