The Black and Gold

The Black and Gold was originally designed by Mr. O'Fee in the late 19th century. Other tiers such as George M. Kelson describe the Black and Gold in his writings. The Black and Gold generated a variety of different patterns such as the Black and Claret and the Black and Orange. these versions of the Black and Gold were most likey the creations of Mr Rogan, a well known Irish tier of the time.

Below you will find a few Black and Golds tied by Showcase tiers here on The Classics. If you wish to view all the flies by the tiers below just click on their name and you can go directly to their Showcase page.

Tied by Brian Van Erem
The Black and Gold tied by Brian Van Erem

Tied by Jacques Heroux
The Black and Gold tied by Jacques Heroux

Tied by Joe Gablick
The Black and Gold tied by Joe Gablick

Tied by Wolfgang von Malottke
The Black and Gold tied by Wolfgang von Malottke

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