The Baron

The Baron was designed by Mr. Farlow in the mid-19th century. Baron patterns were described in the writings of such tiers as George M. Kelson, John James Hardy, Dr. Pryce-Tannatt and Maj. John Henry Hale. Kelson described the Baron as one of his favorite patterns for fishing the rivers of Norway.

Below you will find a few Barons tied by Showcase tiers here on The Classics. If you wish to view all the flies by the tiers below just click on their name and you can go directly to their Showcase page.

Tied by Daniel Bolduc
The Baron tied by Daniel Bolduc

Tied by Jerome Molloy
The Baron tied by Jerome Molloy

Tied by Joe Gablick
The Baron tied by Joe Gablick

Tied by Michael Johnson
The Baron tied by Michael Johnson

Tied by Wolfgang von Malottke
The Baron tied by Wolfgang von Malottke

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